About Scaypgrayce

Welcome to my blog, Scaypgrayce. In case you’re not already aware, “Scaypgrayce” is a modified spelling of “scapegrace,” a word I particularly like that means an individual given to unorthodox or even reckless behavior. I don’t necessarily mean it to apply to me, although I wander off the beaten path occasionally. Being an English major, I just like the sound of a word sometimes. I’m also the sort who’ll just flip through the dictionary for fun.

Blogging is not a full-time gig for me, sad to say, so it is sometimes days or even weeks – once it was months – between posts, although I try to put something up with some regularity. A lot of what I post is in the “hey, did you see this?” category of news items, commentary, recommended reading and listening, and other useful information. Days when I have enough time, I collect and write down my own thoughts and publish them.

You’ll also find a handy blogroll of some of the sites I read a lot or just think you should read.

Thanks for clicking on me. Hope you come back.



2 Responses to About Scaypgrayce

  1. Apparently I’m far way behind in all the reading. But, given that I have now I have consistent access, I look forward to catching and keeping up!

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