The War On Affordable Health Insurance Continues, and Lies and Half-Truths are Still the Ammunition

If you’ve read my blog very often, especially during the health care debates in 2009-2010, you know I’m not Obamacare’s biggest fan. I think it’s a clumsy and patchwork answer to a huge problem that could have been solved better with single-payer, such as putting everyone under Medicare. However, it passed, and it’s working – stupid website problems notwithstanding – but it will always be the focus of efforts from the Right to undermine it and distort its effect in order to win elections (don’t be fooled; that’s the only reason; there is no serious alternative from the Right to Obamacare, other than WeDon’tCare).

Those efforts continue, still funded by the Usual Suspects, and still peddling the same dreck.

Meanwhile, there are efforts going on to counter the mis-information, such as this clever response:



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