The Village Discovers Americans are Pretty Ticked

Dem operative Doug Sosnik has written a narrative that his publisher, Politico, is heralding as a must-read.


Mr. Sosnik’s thesis, compleate with charts, is that Americans are really angry and disappointed in government and their institutions generally. I’m sure this comes a quite a surprise to many.

Snark aside, this has been said many times before, and not just in recent years. The Tea Party didn’t patent outrage. He asserts that “An emerging movement in our country is calling for change to the status quo and to the leadership class.” He cites the usual polls and other data about how fed up Americans are with Congress, etc.

The guy has some laudable (from my perspective) thoughts, particularly his recognition of the central issue of economic inequality. However, if you get right down to it, Americans for the most part don’t want “change” as much as they want a return to a status quo that existed 50 years ago. They’re tired of the yelling and screaming, it’s true, and they’re justifiably pissed off that the people who wrecked the economy, destroying their jobs and futures, got off more than scott-free; they’re even richer than they were before.

But people are equally as angry and afraid that the economic security they enjoyed for several decades (yes, you can thank unions for that) is disappearing. They want “change” only to the extent that someone can come in a make everything right, the way it used to be.

Some Americans want “change” in recognition of the huge demographic and social upheaval that’s going on. In 30 years or fewer, we’ll be a white-minority nation, and the implications of that, down the road, are profound, and to some, terrifying. But most people want a job, a home, some money left over for vacations and a few nice things, as well as college for the kids, health care they can afford, and a secure retirement.

To be crude: they’re tired of getting fucked over.

One other point: Sosnik repeats the center-right/D.C. Establishment talking point that this is a center-right country. I distrust polls relying on people’s self-identification without more information about what they believe. Polling also shows Americans support a whole lot of the Progressive agenda.

Read the thing and see what you think. My overall reaction is, “where you been, Dude?”



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