People Actually Believe This Stuff

Thom Hartmann, prog radio talker, has Adrian Moore, VP for Policy from the Reason Foundation, on his show. Basically, what Mr. Moore says is that some people should – should – work hard all their lives and have nothing but suffering and anxiety to show for it (my words, his opinion):

“[W]hy should every job pay enough to live on? The whole idea of a diverse economy is that there are many, many, many jobs on which you can make a living, and there are many jobs which are not intended — they’re at the bottom of the scale — they’re not jobs you’re supposed to be able to live on . . . When you’re unskilled, you should not expect to be able to make a living off of your ordinary day’s labor.”

The “why should/should not” part is particularly mind-boggling. Sez who? Whose “whole idea?” Ayn Rand? Ebenezer Scrooge (before the conversion)?




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