R’s might want to re-think their war on women

Republicans have done just about everything they can do to alienate American women in the last three months, much in the same way as they’ve been driving Hispanic voters away over the last, ohhh, decade or so.

Battling choice was one thing, as even Americans who support choice may yet be uneasy about abortions, but the jihad against contraception was a huge mistake. Political friends of mine said this would be a winner for the Rs, because, in certain swing states, like Ohio, Catholic priests would mount the pulpits and tell their flocks how sinful Democrats were and how they were attacking religious freedom. But, as it turns out, Americans aren't buying that.

And the politcal bill appears to be coming due. A USA Today/Gallup poll of swing state voters shows a huge jump in the gender gap between Obama and Romney. Six weeks ago, just under half of women voters under the age of 50 in those swing states (including Ohio) supported Obama. Now he leads Romney in this cohort by 2-1.

As I’ve noted earlier, Romney has his fellow post-50 white males sewed up, but just about everyone else is moving to Obama. Still a long way to go, however, but this election could be the one where white men have to yield to the rest of the country.



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