Rough day for Scott Walker

First, the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board unanimously ordered a recall election, set for June 5th, after more than 900,000 Wisconsinites signed petitions in support of recalling a Governor who created his state's fiscal problems himself and then used same as an excuse to attack unions and try to savage social spending.

Then a federal judge struck down key parts of the union-busing Act 10 (he upheld others), one of the main accomplishments of Walker’s tenure, and the move that sparked this whole thing to begin with.

AP has a very good summary piece.

It was just two weeks ago the Rs lost their state Senate majority.

And the FBI has been interested in some long-time Walker aides for months now. Bet that gets mentioned once or twice between now and June 5th.

National Journal has a piece about how all this could be a bit of a headache for Willard in the upcoming Wisconsin primary and beyond, even though he has gone out of his way to self-identify as an enemy of organized labor.

As far as the recall, an NBC/Marist survey has Walker training a generic Dem by only 2 points. Other early polling has Walker up in single digits over likely opponents. Former Dane County (Madison and its environs) Executive Kathleen Falk has already jumped in, and former Congressman and current Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who lost to Walker in the Tea Tide of 2010, joined the race shortly after the recall announcement. Two other Dems are also in. I do worry there could be a mean primary, set for May 8th. Wisconsin unions, the targets of Walker’s jihad, have lined up behind Falk, who has run for statewide office unsuccessfully before. Barrett in the race will doubtless test loyalties and generally complicate matters. I’m checking in with friends back in the Badger State to get a sense of what’s happening. I’ll update you as soon’s I hear something.

I hope Dems can work this out, and not squander an opportunity to make history as well as deliver a black eye to the Brothers Koch:




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