Older, whiter, Mitt

While he probably has a few shellackings ahead in individual primaries, like Louisiana, Willard Romney is now all-but-certain to be the Republican nominee for President.

For this, there is a particular demographic group to whom he owes thanks, other than the multi-millionaires who’ve given him the wherewithall to spend like a drunken sailor.

Old white people.

Now, speaking as an older white male, I take particular note of National Journal’s Ron Brownstein, who is turning demographic political analysis into an art form, referring to turnout in the Republican primaries, at least through Super Tuesday, as a “monochromatic electorate.”

Not only are the primary voters overwhelmingly old, they are `way overwhelmingly white.

Voters 50 and over constituted a majority of voters in every Republican primary through Super Tuesday, from 55 percent in Arizona to 71 percent in Florida.

But more telling, 90 percent – that’s 9-0 percent – of voters in Republican primaries through March 6th were white. The lowest state percentages were Florida (83 percent) and Arizona (89) percent.

All these percentages, both ages and race, were well above the usual turnout in a general election, when the electorate overall will be younger and far more diverse.

Michelle Cottle, writing in The Daily Beast notes that seniors are the one and only age cohort in which Romney is out-polling Barack Obama.

It will be interesting to see how Candidate Etch-A-Sketch handles this. After all, for those of us old enough to remember, Etch-A-Sketch screens aren’t in color.

I have to wonder how his decision to forgo enrolling in Medicare will play with this crowd.

UPDATE – You can add “male” (“maler?”) to “older” and “whiter.” Women don't like him very much.

Of course, there’s still all that money . . . .



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