Contraception not lookin’ like a winner for the Rs or for Rush

A new Bloomberg poll should convince the guys – and a few gals (where is Michele Bachmann on this, anyhow?) – on the other side of the aisle (heck, the other side of the 20th Century) they ought to be more concerned with job creation and such and less about whether women have sex.

People see this as a health care issue, not one of religious freedom. Now, I’m sure the Rs were counting on Catholic priests (backed up, as I noted earlier, with millions in lobbying funds) mounting their pulpits every Sunday from here to November to decry Obama and urge their flocks to vote Mittens, but it doesn’t look to be playing out that way.

And I particularly love the finding that a majority of Americans polled want Limbaugh to take a hike:

More than half of those interviewed also say radio host Rush Limbaugh, who called a female law student testifying publicly in favor of birth-control coverage a “slut” and “prostitute,” should be fired based solely on those comments.

The market isn’t showing the All-American Oaf a lot of love these days, either.



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