Women apparently don’t like having men try to dictate their sex lives

Be they politicians or radio motormouths.

Politicians first: Republicans made enough electoral gains among women to capture the House and solidify their working majority (in concert with a few ConservaDems) in the Senate in 2010 and put Obama–and Democrats generally–in serious jeopardy.

Polling last summer showed Republicans had drawn pretty close to even in support. But that's history.

NYT today has this piece which should give the Right pause, if they can see beyond the ends of their manparts. They are losing support among women who identify themselves as moderates.

When, instead of addressing serious economic issues (women care about that, you know), you spend most of your time on offense across the country against women’s ability to make their own choices in life and even stoop to mocking them for treating contraception as a health issue, they tend to take offense.

But Dems now have to show they deserve this support, and not just on choice and contraception.

And as for the motormouths: Over in the private sector, where bottom line is everything and people get concerned about alienating customers, it seems advertisers are getting a little tired of paying for the crazy. Note, in particular: Women ages 24–55 are the prize advertising demographic, and you have a perfect storm emerging after Limbaugh’s Sandra Fluke comments.

There are some very heavy hitters involved here, Ford, GM, Toyota, McDonald’s, Subway. I doubt Limbaugh, for example, will attract enough cheating services to pick up the slack.

Meanwhile, there is a good resource for information about this battle, RH Reality Check.



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