Oligarchs, Unite

Thanks to Pat Oliphant, the best editorial cartoonish ever, anywhere, and his penguin buddy.

This Washington Post story has gotten pretty extensive play. What it boils down to is that a very small number of very rich people are wielding enormous influence over our politics (and, they hope, our government) by pouring millions of dollars into SuperPacs, the money pits created by five Supreme Court justices.

Note in the Post story – in January, five very rich people plunked down one-fourth of all the SuperPac donations.

Five people – a Texas corporate raider (how appropriate) at the top of the list – have, thanks to the five justices (like the symmetry?), great power to determine the process that will determine how our lives proceed.

And, surprise!, the field tilts way over to the Republican side. I’m sure Chief Justice Roberts never imagined that would happen.

Feel better now?



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