Shifting tides in the war on American labor

Earlier this week, Talking Points Memo had this report from Arizona, about legislative efforts there to attack unions had stalled.

This on top of John Kasich and Ohio Rs having their heads handed to them last November when a referendum resoundingly overturned a law attacking collective bargaining by public-sector unions.

That follows the backlash that hit WI Gov. Scott Walker, who made attacking unions the centerpiece of his administration.

MI Gov. Rick Snyder has chosen to at least not come out swinging against organized labor in his state, although his drive to place un-elected managers in charge of Michigan communities probably includes the expectation that those managers will push for concessions from organized labor.

Out on the West Coast port truck drivers are getting it into overdrive.

On the opposite side of the ledger union workers in Indiana are in a fight to hold on to membership.

And if you thought this was just a problem with Republican governors, be dismayed.

Meanwhile, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry smacks down Willard Romney while reminding viewers how important unions are to the general prosperity.



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