As if the fact of global warming wasn’t depressing enough

It could make chocolate extinct.

(If you click on the Scientific American link, you’ll only get a preview of the piece. For the whole thing, you need to be a subscriber. However, you can get to a link with an interesting timeline of chocolate history.) If you want more, there’s a scad of books, including The True History of Chocolate.

One thing of note, down in the story, is a mention of how little the people who provide us with this ambrosia earn:

[A]ccording to the report, many of the 6 million people who farm cocoa are so impoverished that they can’t afford top-notch seeds, fertilizers and fungicides to better protect their plants.

So, as with iThingys and so many other consumer products, the producers struggle while the sellers profit. Look for fair trade product, friends.



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