Wow, have you ever seen a brand lose so much value in so little time?

The Susan Komen Foundation debacle will be a textbook case for PR classes for decades.

I mean, does anyone believe that “under investigation” nonsense? The “investigation,” for those who don’t know, is a Congressional witch hunt by anti-choice Florida Republican Cliff Stearns. To think the that the Komen Foundation’s senior vice president for policy, Karen Handel, wasn’t attuned to what Stearns is doing is to be incredibly naive or in world-class denial (or lying, take your pick).

In the meantime, the new documentary Pink Ribbons, Inc. comes out tomorrow. Nice timing.

UPDATE – Komen issues a smoke-screen apology, which, if you read closely, means zero.

FURTHER UPDATE (thanks to the gang at Crooks & Liars)- Look who was advising them.

FURTHERMORE – Ponder this little nugget, from Laura Bassett, at HuffPost.



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