Late Night Listening with Richard Thompson

Great songwriter. Compelling singer. Wizard guitar player.

Richard Thompson should be very, very rich and very, very famous. Yes, he was a jerk to his first wife, Linda, but considering all the stale drek that passes for pop music (I know, I know), Richard Thompson is a breath of fresh, strong air. This is probably my favorite of his songs, but there are so many that it’s really hard to pick just one. This was taped the year I saw him in Vermont and interviewed him (still one of the best interviews I ever did on the air; damn shame the tape was lost long ago).

It’s from his 1983 album Hand of Kindness. Right before that, he and Linda released Shoot Out the Lights, which, given their breakup at the time, has extra power. I’m told the tension between them onstage that tour (yeah, they kept it together long enough to tour) was palpable, but also added a devastating emotional dimension to the music.

Here’s his website. And here’s his Wikipedia entry, which is quite diplomatic about his breakup with Linda.

Son Teddy’s no slouch, either:

I wish I could find you a video of Linda’s “Can’t Stop the Girl.” If I ever do, it’ll get posted pronto.



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