Brace yourselves for another anti-tax-lobbying tsunami

It’s well-known that a relative handful of wealthy individuals, organizations, and corporations have enormous influence over key areas of our political process. The extent to which these individuals, organizations, and corporations shape our lives and our economic future is enormous, and the shaping process goes largely unnoticed by ordinary people.

Reuters published this instructive piece earlier today, opening a window on the huge fight ahead on taxes in the upcoming election year. A generally feckless Democratic response to demands by various entities on the Right to cut taxes further in this Recession has not only caused us to lose fiscal ground at the federal level; it has also emboldened the Right and generally given the folks over there control of the language of the public debate. That’s a very bad position for us to be in.

Given that a majority of House members and a working majority, or perhaps a clear one, in the Senate tends to vote with these powerful interests, this could be a long year ahead.



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