Eugene Robinson sums it up very nicely

I haven’t blogged much about this past week’s theater-of-the-absurd events in Congress over the payroll tax holiday, in part because my paying gig was keeping me busy and in lesser part because there were so many news/comment outlets doing such a thorough job of explaining how the Tea-Head-driven House Republicans (not saying the Senate Rs are much better, but they do occasionally act like adults) over-reached and embarrassed their party.

There will be more to come, of course. This deal is only good for 60 days. But for the moment, there is a bit of satisfaction that the Tea Party horse the Rs rode so enthusiastically to electoral victory in 2010 stumbled and threw a shoe.

As he often does, the Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson not only has a succinct wrap-up of events, he also reminds Barack Obama and other so-called moderates who favor process and compromise in the name of “getting things done” over principle and responsibility to promoting the general welfare hat there is power and the value in actually taking a side – that of ordinary Americans – and fighting back.

Feels good, doesn’t it?



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