Sergio Scaglietti, RIP

Okay, I completely realize very few readers of this blog will recognize the name or be particularly moved by the man’s passing. True, there are huge issues of injustice to be addressed everywhere and at once. But just for a moment, I want to mark the passing of an artist, Sergio Scaglietti, who died November 20th, at 91.

If you don’t recognize the name, Scaglietti created the bodywork for most of the cars produced by Ferrari, including some of the great icons of the marque, the 250 Testarossa

and the 250 GTO

You probably have to be a gearhead like me to be willing to elevate Scaglietti’s creations to art, but with modern automobiles generally resembling either refrigerators or military assault vehicles (the latter, I think, is deliberate, all the more to reinforce the macho fantasies of the owners), I miss a time when someone would create something beautiful, even stirring, out of sheet metal.

Here’s the NYT obit, if you’d care to know more about the man – Sergio Scaglietti.



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