Keepin’ it classy

Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts on with some morning mouths on WZLX, Boston, and they bring up Elizabeth Warren’s joke about not having taken her clothes off to make money for college, as Sen. Brown did for Cosmo:

Great move, Senator

Now, I don’t know if this will go down in history alongside Clayton Williams’ stupid joke comparing bad weather to rape – “If it’s inevitable, just relax and enjoy it” – but it’s as dumb a thing to say as it is offensive. Campaign’s still early, but no sense stepping on a verbal banana peel coming out of the blocks.

Brown apparently is also going to try to run a Massachusetts version of a “good ol’ boy” campaign, trying to paint himself – that “school of hard knocks” thing – as just a regular guy while Ms. Warren, a Harvard law professor, is some kind of elitist. Considering who’s on who’s side on bread-and-butter issues, that may be a bit of a stretch.



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