So-called centrists wring hands, most Americans applaud

Progs like me welcome – while remaining wary of – Barack Obama’s newly-discovered moxie, calling out Republicans and proposing at least something like fairness in his jobs plan. Now, a lot of the stuff that’s in there, particularly tax credits, sound good but likely aren’t real job generators. It has always been the lack of private-sector investment (remember, nearly $2 billion they’re sitting on) that has kept the economy from growing. The public sector can make investments, try to steer policy, and, most importantly, help keep people from getting hurt too badly. But the private side is the one to create jobs.

That said, we’re still seeing 9+% unemployment, with worse news likely yet to come. For example, the new poverty numbers, which are shocking. But I was talking with an expert yesterday who said these numbers trail unemployment numbers, so they are likely to get worse.

The Rs, of course, reject anything Obama proposes out-of-hand. And ConservaDems are whining to reporters that Obama has abandoned his post-partisan strategy (largely a series of cave-ins to the Right) for a partisan one. Well, duh. “Post-partisan” wasn’t working, in terms of making progress against the recession (yes, we’re still in it) or even creating some comity with the other side. They saw it as weakness, and pounced ferociously. Might as well start swinging back, don’t you think?

And Gallup shows Americans are responding positively to the jobs plan; even Republicans give a majority vote to closing corporate tax loopholes, while a strong plurality favor taxing higher incomes more along the lines of what we had in place during the Clinton years. Remember? When we had all that economic growth?

Here’s Gallup – Gallup on jobs plan



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