Poverty up, income down

The Census made its annual poverty data drop this morning. No one was expecting good news, and no one has been disappointed.

Census income report 2011

This, of course, is the direct result of Big Government spending and regulation, plus gay marriage and the influence of Sharia law.

Poverty is up significantly – at least, from my point of view – rising back to 1993 levels. Will anyone in the MSM notice that poverty fell significantly during the Clinton years, getting down to 11.3 percent in 2000? The rate headed back north in the oughts, to 12.7 percent in 2005, settling at 12.3 percent in 2007. What’s particularly troubling now is that child poverty is at 22 percent. Okay, more than one in five children in America is living in poverty.

BTW, the US has one of the highest poverty rates and rate of childhood poverty of any developed nation. Our numbers are up there with places like Mexico.

I’m guessing the income story may not get as much attention. Note, though, that millions of Americans continue to lose ground. 60 percent of American households saw their incomes fall, again. Yeah, you can guess the rest.

Note: EPI explains how much worse it could have been without Social Security and Unemployment Insurance – EPI poverty summary



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