Belly up

Same old, same old. Stimulus. Health care. Workers. Hispanics. Taxes. Speech schedule.

Today, it’s the environment Obama turns his back on, that and our health. He orders the EPA to shelve proposed air-quality regulations that would have, in particular, come down hard on ozone.

Here’s the NYT story – Obama hearts Ozone

And, from HuffPost – Betrayed (cough) again

Brad Plummer, writing for Ezra Klein’s blog at the Washington Post, goes deep – The backstory, at least, part of it

Of course, the Rs, particularly the oil-soaked ones, are uncorking the champagne. US Chamber – Yee haw

And down in the home state of soon-to-be-President, Rick Perry – Gusher

You know, I am still waiting to figure out if Obama is inept, a coward, or a mole.

He assumes, correctly, to some degree, that he can piss off millions of people who worked for, donated to, believed in, and ultimately voted for him in 2008, and still count on their votes next year, because they (a) have nowhere else to go and (b) will be terrified of the idea of President Rick Perry. But you know what? For those of us who lived through Nixon, Reagan, and two Bushes, the idea of voting for a so-called Dem who will essentially fulfill the Right’s agenda piecemeal may be too much.

UPDATE – BTW, there is a handy little piece in Grist that examines the claim the Rs, the Chamber of Commerce, and now, Barack Obama like to make about how environmental protection costs jobs and finds it’s (wait for it) bullshit – Jobs v. Environment is a lie



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