Just about every blog in the country has updates on Irene, so you don’t need me for that. Daily Kos has particularly good coverage, and, of course, all the MSM websites.

Irene is supposed to mean Peace

But, sitting here, about 25 miles NW of DC, we’ve had steady rain, now harder than before, since noon, and what began as a more-or-less gentle late-summer shower has picked up force, with the wind tossing the trees around – they remind me of the thistles performing the Russian dance in Fantasia:

Forecast is for up to a half-inch of rain per hour overnight. Flash flood warnings all over. This in the wake of our 5.8 earthquake this past Tuesday.

Our main worry, out here, is that the power will go out. Our local power company, known far and wide for its lack of maintenance of its infrastructure, has already been warning of outages that could last days. Lovely. But at least we’re not in the crosshairs, like my friends in NYC. BTW, several NYT writers and Mayor Bloomberg’s office are tweeting vigorously on this.

UPDATE – True to form, Republicans alternately demand federal spending cuts in exchange for disaster relief while blaming Obama for cutting FEMA funding. Fox: it\'s all the fault of that job-killing socialist Muslim who wasn\'t born here



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