How the Very Serious People helped boost the Loonies

Jonathan Chait has a very good piece on TNR’s blog about how a crowd of serious, sober, influential people helped lay the foundation for the mess we’re in – Chait on the Lunacracy

It’s useful, from my point of view, to remember that anyone who has any real say in how this turns out will probably be insulated from the worst effects of what’s about to happen. After all, from Barack Obama, to John Boehner, to Mitch McConnell, to the big nabobs of the chattering class, they’re all millionaires. Remember that. Our future is not being decided by people like us. The median wealth of the current membership of the House is in excess of half a million dollars. In the Senate, it’s more than $3 million. None of these people, nor their children, (okay, maybe Dead Beat Dad Joe Walsh’s – Hypocrite ) will ever have to rely on Social Security, will have many comfortable opportunities the rest of their lives, and will never face the level of anxiety the rest of us will as we fall farther down the economic ladder.



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