This week’s read – “Uppity,” by Bill White

Some of you may know I’m a St. Louis Cardinals fan, for more than half a century now. Like many of my compatriots, 1964 was one of the greatest years of our lives, when the Cardinals came from practically the cellar to seize the National League championship (none of this silly division stuff back then) on the last day of the season, then go on to beat the Yankees in the Series.

One of the key players – and clubhouse leaders – on that team was first baseman Bill White, who later became president of the league. He was also a man of great intelligence, grace, and wisdom. A hero.

He published this book a little earlier this year, and I’m just getting around to reading it. It’s simple, direct, and powerful, and it describes his life as an African-American in what was for many decades the National Sport. I put this up next to David Halberstam’s “October, 1964,” and I urge you to read it.

Here’s an NPR piece on White and his book – NPR on Uppity



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