Oh, THAT explains it

In the new issue of Current Biology is an article that finds the difference between liberals and conservatives is in their brains. No, it’s not that one group has one and the other doesn’t, but they’re built differently. Liberals’ brains accommodate complexity and uncertainty better; conservatives’ brains are larger in the area that processes fear (imagine that) and tend to react more to threats with aggression (nothing that I see explains their penchant for making up threats in order to express aggression).

You can’t get to the text on the magazine’s website w/o a subscription, but Raw Story posted a short news piece – It\'s a matter of brains



One Response to Oh, THAT explains it

  1. Liza says:

    So, that’s interesting. Perhaps we need to work at making complex things less scary for our fraidycat conservatives…Seriously. It’s interesting, also kind of explains why liberals are less adept at coming together with cohesive agendas…I guess we can’t see the forest for the trees sometimes.

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