Somebody either needs to replace his communications staff, or, perhaps, start listening to them:

Exhibit 1 – Many Americans have no clue about the economy, and assume Obama’s completely screwed up, when the Truth is, the economy has grown (okay, but tell that to tens of millions of unemployed, I get that, having been one of them), TARP worked (okay, arguably), and, perhaps most important TAXES HAVE GONE DOWN: Don\'t confuse me with the facts, as it were

And Obama wants to blame the Left for what’s about to happen?

Tell you what, Mr. President Dude (as Jon Stewart so called him), hire me – one-year contract, $100,000, and I’ll show you how to do this properly.

To think a lot of good people, including, perhaps, my old boss, Russ Feingold, may go down Tuesday because of this administration’s ineptitude. Pardon me while I get some ibuprophen . . . .



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