Bigger Than Beckfest; Let’s Hope It Helps

General estimate is 175,000 people came to the One Nation Working Together rally on the Mall today. This without months of media (well, Fox) hype and big-bucks backers. Meanwhile, the Tea Party can’t manage a national convention.

Here’s some of the coverage:

NYT – Times on the Rally

WPOST – Post shows up

And HuffPost – Right On

Reuters – Love the \"dogs\" simile

Whether Obama & Co will listen is an open question (I’m not giving odds). Whether this will translate into a counter-wave to the Tea Party zaniness is likewise problematic. It could be argued that the people who came to DC aren’t the people who might sit at home and not vote, and whether their enthusiasm is infectious is hard to say at this point. I have seen polling that shows Dems describing themselves as fired-up at almost 60 percent, up significantly in recent weeks.

31 days `til Nov. 2nd.



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