I was getting ready to mark my 50th birthday nine years ago when a friend poked his head out the door and said, “Did you hear? A plane just hit the World Trade Center.” Much has changed since that moment.

One thing that changed was the tenor of this particular day.

The terrorist attacks have been politicized to hell and back by the Rs. Bush II ran on it for three years, telling everyone to be afraid and that he was the only one who could, or would, protect America. Dems cowed constantly, giving Bush carte blanche to run outrages including assaults on the Constitution and an idiotic war in Iraq (which, along with Afghanistan, which at least had a legitimate purpose, was put on the national credit card, adding hugely to the current debt) and opening the door for all manner of savaging of our social fabric. All the while, people were told to forget the fact Bush II was warned more than a month in advance that something was coming, and he did nothing.

But politics on the Day had been largely muted, until now –

Rachel Maddow weighs in, as well, with a nod to whack-job Terry Jones – Maddow



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