Yes, it’s Tax Day

And, of course, the Tea Baggers will be out, getting far more than their fair share of media attention.

Note, btw, an NYT piece this a.m. about where the muscle and brains of this outfit are – Rich, white, and far-right

Add a tinge of racism – Go Left TV

And a word of warning from the Southern Poverty Law Center – The New McVeighs

While the loons are getting all this attention, there are some facts the MSM might want to consider.

First, for all their Echo-Chamber-amplified blather, the Right is far out of the mainstream when it comes to taxes. NYT today reports on its poll that finds 62 percent of Americans think their income taxes are fair – NYT poll on taxes

Note, in particular:

Sixty-two percent of all respondents in the poll said the income tax they have to pay is fair, while 30 percent called it unfair. That includes 6 in 10 Republicans and independents, and just over two-thirds of Democrats – a display of cross-party agreement rarely seen on any topic.
(Emphasis mine, as if it were needed)

Note, too, the Tea Party yahoos were over-sampled in this poll.

Second, there is the question of who actually pays taxes, as in what income groups pay the largest portions of their incomes to the gummint – IPS study on tax shifting

But what about that report that 47 percent of households don’t pay taxes? Like the Tea Partiers, that got lots of attention. Jon Stewart clears it up for us, and reminds us that large corporations like, ohh, say, Exxon/Mobil don’t pay taxes either – Once again, Stewart does the job journalists are supposed to do

Finally, there’s the little issue of how our dollars are spent. CBPP has the skinny (care to guess who gets the most before you click on the link?) – Your tax dollars at work

Today is also the anniversary of two tragedies, the death of Abraham Lincoln (at the hand of a Tea Party ancestor) in 1865 and the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.

On the positive side, insulin became available on this day in 1923, and Jackie Robinson played his first major-league game in 1947. Great piece of trivia – the superb pitcher and pitching coach, Johnny Sain – Sain bio threw the first major-league pitch to Robinson. A few years earlier, Sain was the last pitcher to face Babe Ruth.

Oh, and McDonald’s opened its first restaurant in 1955;you decide how to categorize that one.

Some great figures were born today – Leonardo di Vinci, blues giant Bessie Smith, former Chicago Mayor Harold Washington, hintful advice columnist Heloise (born Ponce Kiah Marchelle Heloise Cruse Evans), actress Emma Thompson, and Olympic champion Evelyn Ashford.

Gotta go file.



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