A great Justice steps down, and, no surprise, the Rs are already at it

Associate Justice John Paul Stevens, one of the most distinguished members of the United States Supreme Court (and by that I mean ever), announced Friday he will retire this year.

Post covers the announcement

Stevens\' bio

Thoughtful New Yorker profile earlier this year – Toobin on Stevens. Note the quote from the unctuous Bork. It says much more about the Rs than it does Justice Stevens.

I am awed that Justice Stevens saw Babe Ruth’s called shot.

Since we have been expecting – or perhaps more accurately, dreading – this for some time, it’s no surprise the Rs began braying instantly:

(Chan Lowe, Sun-Sentinel/Tribune Media Services)

Yeah, let’s replace one of the finest Justices we’ve ever had with another one of your right-wing yahoos . . . .

President Obama, don’t give these jackasses a thought.

UPDATE – Too late. Apparently, the urge to be “post-partisan” is putting wind in the sails of a conservative potential nominee – Solicitor General appears to be in the lead for Stevens\' seat – HuffPost



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