For $1,946.25, those must have been some pretty special martinis . . . .

The RNC sure knows how to party – Hey guys, let\'s hit the Voyeur!

Bow-tied conservative pundit Tucker Carlson’s new blog, The Daily Caller (see the link under “Blogroll” to your right) took a look at some of the RNC’s expenses and found, among other things, a visit to a bondage-themed nightclub called the Voyeur. Good luck loading the site – The Voyeur – I’m guessing half the world is trying to get a peek inside, so to speak. The Caller’s story is actually about RNC Chair Michael Steele’s high livin’ ways, so for many of us, they committed the classic journalism error of burying the lede, meaning they didn’t report the best stuff until down in the story. Everyone else recognized the most newsworthy (heh) part immediately, and ran with that over Steele wanting to buy a private RNC plane and other expensive impulses.

Tuesday’s Washington Post has more detail – Young Eagles flyin\' high

A Voyeur staffer explains the venue’s purpose to the NY Times:

“We are most certainly not a strip club,” said Sarah Waldman, the director of special events at Voyeur, where all was quiet Monday afternoon but for a few random fellows who said they were the owner and managers — young, good-looking and a little cranky — lolling on a velvet couch. “We cater to a high-end, A-list clientele with live art installations with a voyeuristic theme.”

Got that? “Live art installations.” Bet the computer networks who process credit card charges at the club are overheating (along with the patrons) as we speak . . . .

The LA Times profiled the club and its founders back in October – Sort of an example of life imitating art, doncha think?

Okay, a prize to the reader who can suggest the most appropriate public policy discussion that could be conducted in these particular surroundings. Deadline, April 1st.

Let’s see which runs out first, this story line or Michael Steele’s job as RNC chair.

And I have to wonder if any of those Young Eagles were some of the Young Idiots Bush II sent over to run Iraq after our Great Victory there. Or perhaps they were veterans of the famous “Brooks Brothers Riot” in 2000, when Tom DeLay sent young Republibot staffers to Florida to disrupt the vote count.



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