Greenspan tries to re-write history, and James Galbraith calls him out

Greenspan has a paper on “The Crisis,” an attempt, in my view, to try to re-frame the conversation on the collapse of the financial markets so as to avoid any thought of responsibility, including his. Greenspan’s main purpose, I am convinced, is to (a) defend the status quo he helped create, and (b) make sure his reputation and future income are protected. The man has no shame.

The Whitewash

James K. Galbraith seems to agree – Galbraith – Oh, please

Galbraith points out words like “fraud” and “blame” are hard to find in Greenspan’s paper. I would note, parenthetically, his enthusiasm for a low-wage workforce (see page 4).

UPDATE – Krugman weighs in: Krugman – Greenspan still no mensch



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