Obama turns his back

It’s been nearly two weeks now since I’ve posted. I have been busy elsewhere, but I have also been in a state of something akin to shock.

No, it’s not the Massachusetts Senate results. We saw that coming. Martha Coakley ran a pathetic campaign against a determined challenger.

No, it’s the change that has come over – or is it the revelation of the true character of – Barack Obama.

Can you believe the man who took the stage in Boston in 2004 and held the crowd spellbound with idealistic rhetoric like this – “It is that fundamental belief — it is that fundamental belief — I am my brother’s keeper, I am my sisters’ keeper — that makes this country work.” – has now, after refusing to demonstrate leadership on the bedrock issue of health care reform, preferring instead to cut deals with Health, Inc., and produce a bill that not only facilitates a massive transfer of wealth from us to them but also succeeded in diminishing the power of his own party, after charting a fiscal policy that bailed out millionaires and their billion-dollar companies while leaving millions of average Americans to struggle and suffer, and after asking for a huge increase in military spending, pledged to freeze domestic programs in the middle of the worst recession since the 1930s?

Barack Obama, shame on you.

UPDATE – Krugman’s on it – On every level . . . .

And Michael Lind, writing at the Center for American Progress blog, has a few tart words of his own – Snakeoil



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