Health Insurance Fraud – Guess Who’s Guilty . . .

A report that came out last fall (first I’ve seen it, and I don’t recall any media coverage at the time) from George Washington University’s School of Public Health and Health Services that states health insurance fraud costs somewhere (depending on who’s estimating) between $68 billion and $220 billion a year. That would be a LOT of patients or doctors or both gaming the system, but it turns out they’re not the biggest culprits. In fact, the biggest problem is (wait for it) –

The McPaper-esque version

The Full Monty

Suzy Khimm at The New Republic is on the case, it seems – TNR story

Remember, these are the same people – to use the term loosely – who are driving health care policy, who are paying megabucks to lobbyists (and political coffers) to protect their billions in profits, and who are cutting deals with a prostrate White House while royally screwing the rest of us.



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