Joe Lieberman is a back-stabbing schmuck, Harry Reid is a coward, and Rahm Emmanuel is a sleazy opportunist

Together, they are going to make the health care reform nothing more than a multi-billion-dollar gift to the insurance companies. Lieberman was one of the right-wingers (who the MSM keeps insisting on calling “moderates”) who torpedoed the public option from the Senate bill. Now he says he will not vote for the bill if it includes the Medicare buy-in. (Let it not be forgotten that Lieberman, along with the other 99 Senators, has gold-plated, taxpayer-funded, health care.) According to Politico, the White House (read – Rahm Emmanuel) told Reid to cut the deal and get a bill passed. Get `er done, even if it sucks The White House denied it, but who believes them any more? Besides, HuffPost confirmed it – Look at Emmanuel laughing at us

Lieberman, who watertiger, writing at Firedoglake, brilliantly describes as “putting the ‘dick’ in ‘vindictive,'” has taken every opportunity to screw this up.

Reid, who could end this whole farce by going through reconciliation, apparently won’t do that.

Emmanuel, who is quite happy to ignore the needs of millions of Americans so he can have a political talking point, laughs.

Then there’s Barack Obama, who promised “change” . . . . Now, apparently, he’s urging the Senate to move; because if they don’t no other president will take this up. Gee isn’t that JUST what the Rs and the ConservaDems want to happen?

Jane Hamsher discusses this outrage on Ed Shultz’ program –

UPDATE – And Susie Madrak, writing at Crooks & Liars, puncture’s Lieberman’s pompous balloon – Joe\'s a phony



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