Howard Dean says, “kill the bill”

If the Obama administration continues to show the back of its hand to progressives, people who were among his most fervent supporters, in order to cater, Emmanuel-style, to Health, Inc., then we have zero obligation to step up and support him when he tells us to get behind a phony reform bill that does not include a public option or a Medicare buy-in (both apparently jettisoned to please the Lieberman faction). Emmanuel may think, like so many ConservaDems, that, hey, where are they going to go on Election Day? They’re not going anywhere, dude, they’re staying home. When you reap what you have sown, you’ll then turn around and try to blame the field hands for your troubles, which is even more repugnant than what you’re doing now. But it will be nobody’s fault but your own. You want us to vote for you? You want us to contribute? You want us out there leafletting, making calls, doing all the important grunt work your mega-buck buddies in DC and NYC won’t do to get out the vote? You want that? Then give us a reason to do it.

Howard Dean explains – Dean – No more groveling

Meanwhile, Greg Sargent, at The Plum Line, reminds us what a completely dishonest, unprincipled little dork Joe Lieberman is – Scumdog

Greg also noted a little while back that Dem prospects next November diminish if they pass a bill without a public option One third

Mr. President, if you’re not going to watch out for us, and for the American people, don’t come running the next time you need reinforcements.



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