August 9, 1974

August 9, 2014


He said he wasn’t a crook and wasn’t a quitter. He was both. He was a corrupt little cheap-shot artist and, had he been able to cover his inner viciousness as well as Ronald Reagan could, he might have done even greater damage. He was a dark, troubled, occasionally brilliant, petty and essentially dishonest man whose ambition overcame him. In the fashion of classic tragedy, the seeds of his destruction were sown mere months before he reached the pinnacle of power with a landslide victory in 1972. Of course, a good dramatist – or a good psychologist – might posit those seeds were congenital.

The Democrats, for their part, were handed an historic opportunity to right the nation, but they put it in the hands of a bumbling moderate, Jimmy Carter, who opened the door for the right-wing counterrevolution only six years after Nixon was driven from office, and the results still plague us today.

Hunter Thompson wrote that Nixon’s downfall was less the good guys winning than the bad guys losing, and he was right. Moreover, they recovered quickly, and they’ve had their hands on the tiller of the ship of state more or less constantly ever since.


Slate Celebrates Dancer Misty Copeland

August 6, 2014

She has quite a story.


Late Night Listening with Jerry Garcia

August 1, 2014

And Happy Birthday to a great musician. Thanks, Jerry, for everything.

The famous Rolling Stone interview.


Sometimes, You Just Need John Mayall to Make It Right

July 28, 2014

“Room to Move” from the album “The Turning Point”

And he has a short biographical video with some background on the tune, including the reference to Sonny Boy Williamson:

Thanks, man!


Dame Diana Rigg

July 21, 2014

Diana Rigg2

One of the great actresses of this and the last century turned 75 over the weekend.

Yes, yes, she lit up 10,000 adolescent male fantasies as Emma Peel in the Avengers, but she also won a Tony playing Medea and was a truly frightening Mrs. Danvers in “Rebecca.”

The Guardian had a wonderful interview with her earlier this year.

May you live forever, Dame Diana.


July 20, 1969

July 20, 2014


Yes, it was hugely expensive. Yes, we had challenges here on Earth that were going unaddressed. Yes, other than national pride, it hasn’t translated into much in the way of practical benefit. Nonetheless, hundreds of millions of people held their breaths as, with minutes to go, the lunar lander experienced guidance computer problems, and Neil Armstrong had to take control. The small ship missed its intended landing target, and fuel was running out, but Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin managed to the the craft safely down. Nearly three hours later, Armstrong became the first person to walk elsewhere than Earth.


Woodrow Wilson Guthrie

July 14, 2014

Born today in 1912.



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